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Master José was far from imagining that, 58 years ago when he founded his little family-owned shoemaking facility, this would be the birthplace of Green Boots. In the centre of Portugal, in a little village known since the 40’s as the land of shoemakers, and after World War II, the entrepreneurship of its founder, master shoemaker known for his high quality standards and experience, founds the footwear factory JSR. In the beginning and counting with only one helper, the artisanal and manual production make it clear that quality standards would be the no. 1 priority of Master José.

Being a demanding man and an experienced worker from a young age in the shoemaking business, the Master demanded from his boots a level of quality and durability uncommon for his time; this lingers in his shoemaking up to today, since his boots are a product conceived for labour and workers. From the choice of materials, to the concept and fabrication process (Goodyear Welt), everything was thought to resist to the hard life of that time, with superior durability.

Even during the 70’s and 80’s, with the changes in shoemaking by appearance of new types of bonding and thermal bonding, JSR never adopted simpler processes, which were faster and cheaper, in order to maintain the quality standards of its founder. The priorities were the robustness, elegance and comfort of an honest product, handmade with all the dedication its makers could put into it. Its durability becomes legendary, just like Master José’s famous boots, being sought after by generation after generation of workers, from builders to farmers, industry to fishing, as everyone could find in these boots the demanding quality standards their founder had.

Orders grow and with them the company follows. From one worker it rises up to thirty-three, with all being a part of the founder’s family. Their dedication to the work makes the quality of the manufacture a natural demand that lingers from Master José’s heritage and rises with time, as required in a family-owned business.

This is our heritage, these are our genes, and we are very proud of it.


Green Boots was created in 2012, having as a cornerstone the 58 years of an extremely rich heritage left by Master José Rodrigues Serrazina and his legacy in the Portuguese shoemaking industry. Having as a starting point the original boots that were made 58 years ago, each pair of Green Boots undergoes the same fabrication process, with all the know-how, tradition, quality, materials, hands and dedication. We reinvented the JSR boots, modernized and full of character, proud of its past and present, and aflame about the future.

Our boots are made with the traditional manufacturing process, at its original location, with the machinery from that time, counting the knowledgeable hands of expert artisans. The manufacture is completely manual, completed with tradition and dedication. Our boots take about four hours to produce, just like in the 50’s, no rush and with the same spirit and dedication that made this product, people and land’s character.