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The Green Boots’ lines allow for an exceptional amount of customization, from the outer hide (finish) in three varieties (calfskin, suede and nubuck), to the soles (hide, recycled and military tire), and its inner coating in various materials and colours. In order to ease the navigation through the range of combinations, we've named all of the calfskin boots as in the morning, the suede as by evening, and the nubuck as at night.

  • IN THE MORNING (Calfskin): Hides from a registered designation of origin, top-notch and of the highest quality, extremely soft and comfortable, with a natural and elegant feel.
  • BY EVENING (Suede): Genuine suede, very resilient and supple, extremely robust.


  • HIDE SOLE: Sole in genuine leather, very comfortable and elegant, with a lightweight, urban look. All models with leather sole make use of VIBRAM® heels.
  • TIRE SOLE: Made from recycled and reused tire rubber, they are the most original and sustainable choice, with a great emphasis on comfort and durability.
  • MILITARY SOLE: Indicated for every type of flooring, they provide footwear with outstanding strength without diminishing comfort. Ideal for hiking, they provide a very good temperature range.


  • LINING: Interior lining consists of serge in cotton and blends, making it a very comfortable and breathable fabric. Available in various colours: blue, green, yellow and red. Also available in denim and in the traditional fabric, “chita from Alcobaça”, as well as in 3 classic plaid patterns. In some models a lining in Natural Sheepskin is also available.