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How it all began...

Master Craftsman José was far from imagining, when 58 years ago, in 1955, he founded the small family shoe factory, which would become the cradle of the Green Boots brand.

In the centre of Portugal, in a small town known since the 1940's for the land of shoemakers and, in the post World War II, the entrepreneurism of its founder, a master shoemaker recognized for his demand and experience, founded the footwear factory JSR. At the beginning and with only one helper, with all handcrafted and manual production it becomes very clear that the quality standards will be the nº 1 concern of Master Craftsman José.

A demanding man and already working in the footwear area since he was young, the Master Craftsman demanded from his boots a level of quality and durability unusual for the time, up to the standards of today, mainly taking into account the fact that it is a product designed for work and for workers.

The choice of raw materials, the concept and the manufacturing process (Goodwear Welt), everything was designed to withstand the hard life of that time, with a superior durability.

Even in the 70's and 80's, with the advent of glued and thermocolated products, the company never adopted easier, faster and cheaper processes, always promoting the quality standards of its founder. The priorities have always been the robustness, elegance and comfort of an honest product made with all dedication. Its durability becomes legendary, as well as the fame of Master Craftsman José's boots, being sought after by generations and generations of workers, from construction to agriculture, industry and fishing, because everyone found in these boots the standards of demand of its founder.

The company grows at the pace of orders, from one employee to thirty-three, with the particularity of all being from the family of its founder. Dedication and delivery make the quality of manufacturing a natural requirement, which remains the legacy of Master Crafstman José and rises over the years, as is only possible in a family business.

This is our heritage, these are our genes, of which we are very proud.


GREEN BOOTS is a brand created in 2012 based on the rich 58-year heritage of Master Shoemaker José Rodrigues Serrazina and his legacy in the Portuguese footwear industry.

Taking as a starting point the original boots made since 58 years ago, the know-how, tradition, quality, materials, hands and dedication with which each Green Boots pair comes to life are the same.

We have reinvented the JSR boot, modernised and full of personality, proud of its past and present and enthusiastic about the future.

Our boots are made by the traditional process, in the original factory, with the machines of that time, with the wise hands of long-time craftsmen. The work is completely manual and carried out with all the love and tradition. Our boots take about 4 hours to make, as in the 50's, without haste and with the same spirit and dedication that formed the character of this product, of these people and of our land.

GREEN BOOTS also allows customisation: the outer leather in 3 variants (calfskin, crute and nubuck), the soles (leather, recycled and military tyre) and its inner lining in various materials, colours and finishes

Controlled origin leather, 1st line and of the highest quality, extremely soft and comfortable, natural and elegant touch.

Genuine suede leather, very hard-wearing and robust.

AT NIGHT – Nobuk
Caracteriza-se por ser muito suave ao toque, aliando a delicadeza à resistência, torna as botas especialmente confortáveis e elegantes.

Genuine leather sole, very comfortable and elegant, with a more urban and light character.

Made from recycled and reused tyre rubber, they become the most original and sustainable choice, never neglecting comfort and durability.

Suitable for all types of flooring, gives the footwear a unique resistance without losing comfort. Ideal for the mountain, capable of a very positive temperature range.

Interior composed of cotton twill and mixed. Very comfortable and breathable fabric. Available in four colours: blue, green, yellow and red.

Goodyear Welt is the method used throughout our footwear. Since the early years of the industry, the demand for a highly resistant and durable boot has forced the invention of manufacturing processes that meet these market needs.

Its name comes from its inventor – Charles Goodyear Jr. – who, in 1869 and during the Industrial Revolution, invented the process that replaced the traditional method, sewn by hand.

The process allows for a more durable and easy to repair piece (which can be infinitely repaired), the increase in comfort and flexibility, as well as the improvements in breathing and temperature range make this method more advantageous, yet more time consuming and expensive.


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